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Trevor Gavilan – milovat

Trevor Gavilan


Born in Mexico City in 1987, Trevor Gavilan beganproducing music at the age of 15 using electronicinstruments, software, and his own ingenuity. In2008, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a careerin music production and audio engineeringattending the school Musician’s Institute, where hegraduated with distinctions and then began workingfor various independent projects locally andabroad.That same year, Trevor began his first officialmusical project under the name “Semi Source”.Lead and produced entirely by him, the electronicrock project presented itself as a single entity in thestudio and as a 5 piece band onstage. SemiSource published 2 albums and 2 singles up until2017, alongside collaborations with other artistssuch as Empty Files, Sotomayor, PLXTX,Ninasonik, Le Fantom One, Tralali Lala, WASA3Iand Evan Friedel. In December 2016 the projectwas put on hold due to creative reasons and itsfuture remains unknown.At the same time Semi Source was happening,Trevor working on several side projects such asscores, video production, experimental music anddeveloping virtual instruments yielding probably oneof his biggest achievements, the creation of theBuchla based modular system, the “Cloudlab200t”.In 2016, Trevor formalized his solo project byopening up for Takami Nakamoto’s “Sombra” showin Mexico City. From that point on, his personaland previous works including the score he wrote forRadio UNAM “Azul Marino” were published.He’s currently working on an album named “WhiteElephant”, which depicts the life of his mother whostruggled with Multiple Sclerosis for 28 years andpassed away in 2017. The album has beenwritten, produced and performed entirely using asingle instance of his own instrument, the Cloudlab200t.





White Elephant
September 6th 2019









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